Paranormal activity symbol

paranormal activity symbol

These markings and symbols appear throughout the franchise of the Paranormal Activity movies. According to the Paranormal Activity wiki page, the symbol has something to do with an old cult. I can't tell if it something made up for the movie. Hallo, vielleicht weiß jemand was das für ein Symbol ist: ich es schon häufiger gesehen habe, zum Beispiel hier im Film Paranormal Activity.


(ABANDONED SCHOOL) SATANIC RITUAL Part 2 GHOST SLAMS DOOR SHUT Its not so obvious from. Religious Symbols Ancient Symbols Alchemy Symbols Masonic Symbols The Occult The Human Body The Body Art Tattoos Tree Of Life Forward. The next day, while Ali is left to take care of Huntershe opens the basement door. Besides, it's missing the Elder Wand bit, so there's that. You won't be able to vote or comment.

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